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Karmaj Bhava Vyadhi Devi Chikitsa


Devine Therapy

agnihotra for elimination of incornated karma @ pushkar Ayurveda Niketan

 It comes under devine therapy. Multiple approaches are practiced to cure different diseases like practice of ayurvedic medicine, panchakarma, and karmaj bhava vyadhi devi chikitsa. Many diseases are described as papatmaja vyadhi in ancient ayurvedic text books. Most popular papatmaja vyadhi is switra ( vitiligo ) described in Charaka Samhita. Different kind of treatment planes are described to cure switra ( vitiligo). Most popular herbs prescribed to cure switra are bakuchi ( Psoralea corylifolia ) and kakodumbara ( Ficus hispida ).Pushkar Ayurveda Niketan is an Ayurvedic Hospital in Varanasi. Pushkar Ayurveda Niketan is performing very confidential complete solution of migraine. Pushkar Ayurveda Niketan is doing panchakarma treatments in Varanasi.

            It is described as papatmaja vyadhi. Du to this reason prayaschita karma is another prescribed treatment for it. It includes japa, home ( agnihotra ) and other rituals practiced traditionally. My experience to cure switra ( vitiligo ) is panchakarma ( to detoxify the body internally ), pashchata karma, prescription of different ayurvedic prepatations ( for external and internal ) and karmaja bhava vyadhi devi chikitsa.

Treatment Plan

  • Phanchakarma :- Virechan, and Basti karma are preferred sanshodhana karma to cure switra ( vitiligo ).
  • Herbs Used :Abhyanga with mahamarichyadi tail, bakuchi and gandhaka ( sulphur ), fomentation with siddharthaka agada ( charaka chikitsasthaan 9/69-72 ), bakuchi, sariva, basti karma with bakuchi, siddharthaka agada, honey, mahanarayana tail, sandhava lavana,  virechana with trivrit leham and kakodumbara fruit decoction,
  • Karmaj Bhava Vyadhi Devi Chikitsa : It is prescribed for prayashchita karma. Agnihotra with Rudra mantra collected from all four vedas were used. Herbs used in this process are siddharthaka agada, apamarga panchanga, jatamamsi, bakuchi, arka patra, neemb patra, guggulu, lobaan, wood of kakodumbar, ghrat.

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