April 23, 2018

Basti Treatment

Basti Treatment

Basti Treatment (medicated enema treatment) is considered to be the most important treatment among the Panchakarma (five-fold purificatory therapies) in Ayurveda.

    It is also considered as Ardhachikitsa (half of entire treatments). Niruhabasti (Medicated decoction enema) is one of the types of Basti karma. 

    Basti (medicated enema) is one of the main Panchakarma procedures. Basti karma is of two types, Niruhabasti (Medicated decoction enema) and Anuvasana basti (Oil enema).

   Niruha Basti is one of the most important and commonly used therapies having wide range of therapeutic action. Niruha Basti is one which eradicates dosha (Humors) from the body, increases strength of the body.

   To balance the increased vata in various diseases Basti karma is most effective  treatment. Basti (medicated enema) is a very important therapeutic measure in the management of Vata diseases. 


8-16-30 Days Basti Package

  8 Days 16 Days 30 Days
Consultation 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs. 600 Rs.
Half Massage 600 Rs. 4800 Rs. 9600 Rs. 18000 Rs.
Basti 1200 Rs. 9600 Rs. 19200 Rs. 36000 Rs.
Stay 300 Rs. 2400 Rs. 4800 Rs. 9000 Rs.
Food 300 Rs. 2400 Rs. 4800 Rs. 9000 Rs.
Total 19800 Rs. 39000 Rs. 72600 Rs.


Many other kind Basti treatment is done in ayurvedic practices .

Uttar Basti;-

   Route of administration is from urethra. It needs more care and attention during procedure. 


It used in Infertility. impotency etc.

locally applied  Basti treatment

Kati Basti

   Useful for lower back pain , slipped disc. Sciatic pain, etc

Natra Basti

Useful in eye diseases, glaucoma, cataract, eye site, etc

Janu Basti 

Osteoarthritis . knee pain , inflammation , stiffness. 

Hradaya Basti

  useful in heart diseases.

Greeva Basti

 Cervical spondylitis, neck pain , stiffness, etc

Shiro Basti

useful in Paralysis and all kind of neurological disorder, insomnia, mental stress, short memory.

Nabhi Basti

Nabhi basti is very useful for reestablish the central fire of the body. 

basti treatment for knee joint known as janu basti

janu basti