A case Study of Eczema


Mr kamalesh Maurya from Azamgarh was suffering from Psoriatic eczema since 15 years. he got best results in pushkar ayurveda niketan.

He was recommended to me From Dr Vaidya Shantanu Mishra from for vaman karma . I did vaman karma (vomiting) around 6 months ago. after vomiting he was get some improvement. But after some time he again get bad skin. after that he was recommended again for virechan karma. I organize virechan karma for him in Pushkar Ayurveda Niketan.

starting of treatment Eczema

Akhilesh maurya

Along with Virechan Karma I decided to do Divine therapy for him. Manahshiladi lape was prepared for him to aply on the affected skin and participated in Vedic Agnihotra Karma .After completing the Virechan Karma He get miraculous change on his skin. 

improved stage of eczema after virechana

after virechan

External oilation have been done with Mahamarichyaadi tail mixed with suddh gandhaka, and Bakuchi churna.

Internal oilation with Panchatikta Ghrat 100 ml daily in two equal doses of morning and evening.

after 15 days of virechan, very much improved eczema

akhilesh maurya

he was taking only one meal during external and internal oilation in whole day, he was allowed to take only lunch of vilepi of mmonga daal and rice.

He did vaman karma in jaunary 2017,

Virechan karma in last of april 2018

Virechan karma was done by Trivrit leham and castor oil with Luke warm water

Virechan was ends with mucous discharge according to the patient.  

his virechana counting was 18 times in 24 hours

After virechana he followed 5 days sansarjana karma

First DAY  moonga dall soup Morning and evening.

Second day rice soup morning and evening .

third day dal and rice mixed soup, morning and evening

forth day monga daal and rice watery khichari

fifth day morning time khichari, evening simple cooked food

after external oilation he was given decoction of Siddharthaka Agada snan ( Bath )

Agnihotra karma with Virechan karma

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